10 features that Every GPS Tracking Software Must Have

10 features that Every GPS Tracking Software

by malikmoavia
10 features that Every GPS Tracking Software Must Have

There are a hundred GPS Tracking Software in the market to choose from. Some specialise in one domain while the others have carved a niche for themselves. A little research will help you decide on the right one for you. 

Here, we are helping you in your hunt for the Custom Fleet Management Solution. We suggest you go for a demo of at least 7-10 days before deciding on any software. It’s important to discern which software best suits your needs. However, your checklist must have these ten features in Fleet Management Software

  • Alerts and Announcements

Alerts and notifications make life so much easier for a fleet manager. In case of any breach – overspeeding, battery disconnection, AC on/off, etc. – you will receive alerts. Whereas announcement is like a broadcast facility that you get to deliver a message to your clients, transporters or end-users. It is one of the most versatile features.  You may send personal wishes, greetings, reminders or share news/updates with your associates using an announcement.

  • Fuel Monitoring

A fuel management system that ensures impeccable accuracy is a must in fleet management software. Calibrate the fuel level and observe readings thoroughly in the trial period itself. Check whether or not you get alerts in case of an instant fuel drop. Accuracy of reports and charts is also imperative. 

  • Trip and Tour Management

You get complete control over deciding the sequence of every trip that your vehicles undertake. You’ll be notified in case of route deviation, longer halts and delayed delivery. Important, right? 

  • Enquiry and Support

Enquiry places an essential role when transporters or your customers wish to enquire about an additional feature or wants to reach out for more business. Support, on the other hand, enhances the customer relation aspect. Here customers can raise complaint/query tickets. You can resolve the issue then and there over the chat.  

  • Device Inventory

Why would you have another app to manage your device inventory when you already have software to manage your entire fleet? It makes sense, right! TrackoBit gives you the option to maintain our device inventory on the software itself. Our Gps trackers have it at your disposal at any time from anywhere. 

  • Vehicle Management System

Everything related to every vehicle in your fleet will be available online. Just like devices, vehicle tracking software also have a dedicated section where you can upload all the details about vehicles – number, RC, permits, sim number and much more. Easy breezy!

  • History of at least 6 months

It’s not possible to track a hundred or a thousand vehicles at once. Therefore history plays an imperative role. You can refer to it on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis to monitor the performance of vehicles. You can playback trips to track the vehicle’s movement.  

  • Compatibility with any device or sensor

You don’t want to end up scratching your head after 70% of your hardware gets integrated, but a few don’t seem to be compatible with the system. Check whether the software is compatible with all communication protocols that your sensors and devices work on.  

  • Option to create any number of POIs/Geofences

Geofences make fleet managers’ life heaven. There must be an option to create as many geofences and points of interest. If used wisely, they can make fleet management a cakewalk for fleet managers. They have so many use cases than we can think of. 

  • Service and Maintenance Reminders

It’s just not possible to remember the servicing date for hundreds of vehicles that fleet owners own, this is where Service Reminders come in handy. It may seem like a not-so-important feature, but it’s one of the most sought after

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