7 Best Treks to do in Uttarakhand 

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Everest Base Camp Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass trek is a mountain lover’s dream come true in the winter. Immediately, a seemingly endless view of India’s tallest Himalayas appears. Even Mount Nanda Devi, the highest mountain in India, is visible in its most pristine clarity.

You get to camp in some incredible locations while on your walk. Each campsite’s surroundings, whether they are Chitrakantha trees or the Khullara meadow beneath Mount Dronagiri, leave you speechless.

If this is your first trip into the Himalayas, the trek to tackle is Kuari Pass. It was largely created with the beginner in mind.

To begin with, the 4-day trip to Kuari Pass (6 days when you include the travel days from Rishikesh). The trip begins in Dhak, a small town in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal region close to Joshimath. In the Nanda Devi National Park, where it is located.

A beginner in the Himalayas can easily complete the easy-moderate trek to Kuari Pass.

Kedartal Trek 

For adventure seekers, there is the Kedartal hike. It is for trekkers who have completed a significant number of Himalayan treks and are ready to challenge themselves. A very magnificent experience is offered in exchange for the challenging hike.

The journey ascends to the glacial Kedartal lake, which is surrounded by a tumult of formidable mountains. Famous mountains from our nation, including Mt. Thalaysagar, Mt. Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt. Jogin, and Mt. Gangotri, rise in front of you in this cauldron. You set up camp under the intimidating Mt. Thalaysagar and Mt. Bhrigupanth.

In addition, the trail is really far away. At this altitude, there are no settlements of people. And there aren’t many hiking groups on this trail. This isolation is a blessing compared to many other regrettably crowded pathways.

The trail is difficult, though. You begin the walk at about 11,000 feet and ascend to about 16,000 feet. In 3–4 days, this altitude will have increased. When you’re also attempting to catch your breath, boulder climbing and negotiating steep ascents and descents on difficult terrain become infinitely more difficult. This requires adequate physical and mental training.

Bali Pass Trek

Few hikes provide one the chance to witness the unadulterated magnificence of a Himalayan pass crossing. The thrilling Bali Pass trek connects Yamunotri and the Har Ki Dun valley. A nearly independent exploration. It travels past the meeting point of the Tons and Ruinsara rivers, through the tranquil Ruinsara Valley, and into the verdant meadows of Devsu Thach.

An alpine zone will soon be surrounded by flora. The Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, and Swargarohini peaks are seen from the Bali Pass, which is located at 16,207 feet. As this walk is challenging and only appropriate for experienced hikers, the reward does not come easily.

Brahmatal Lake Trek

One of the nicest experiences you may have is a trip to an alpine lake in the Himalayas. Unfortunately, the bulk of the alpine lakes are inaccessible in the winter even though it is the most gorgeous route.

On the winter Brahmatal trek, however, you hike there as well as camp close to the alpine lake. The opportunity to climb to such a lake in the winter is what distinguishes the Brahmatal excursion from others.

Standing next to the frozen lake in Brahmatal, you are around 12,000 feet above sea level.

 The location is stunning. A shrine is located next to the lake, which lies in a crater, and a lone tree can be seen on the opposite bank. The lake’s waters are also crystal clean. You can see Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nandaghunti, two of our country’s most stunning mountains, just beyond the lake’s rim.

Valley of flowers Trek 

One of the most well-liked treks in the Himalayas in India is the Valley of Flowers walk. Even those who have never set foot in the Himalayas are familiar with the Valley of Flowers trek.

However, there is a good reason for Valley Of Flowers’ renown fame: it is one of India’s most well-known treks.

The Valley of Flowers National Park was established by the Indian government in 1980, and UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site in 2002. Due to this, trekkers from all over the world are adding Valley of Flowers to their bucket lists.

Satopanth Lake Trek

Satopanth Lake has a long and illustrious past. For the natives, it is regarded as a holy location. The Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara, known as the trimurthis, is said to have focused on the triangle’s three corners.

One of the stunning routes in the Garhwal region is the one that leads to Satopanth Lake. You pass the renowned Vasundhara waterfall in Mana, the final settlement in India. On the trek, you may see Sahastradhara, which contains more than 100 waterfalls. The nicest parts of the hike include walking along the Alaknanda river bank and camping in the Lakshmi van woodland and Chakratirtha meadow.

Mount Chaukhamba, Mount Neelkantha, Mount Swargarohini, and Mount Balakun all round the lake. All of these impressive mountains will be next to you, covered in snow.

Rupin Pass Trek 

India’s most well-known hike must be the Rupin Pass. This journey accelerates with unexpected scenery changes every hour or two, much like an orchestra. The journey presents a unique viewpoint and a distinctive landscape with each step. and then suddenly!

The surprises start on the first day of your stroll. The Rupin River arrives about twenty minutes further up the trail, expanding up into a broad bed beneath you. However, the story doesn’t finish there.

From here, the route passes above hanging villages before descending steeply into a deep pine forest. Not only that, either. The trail then meanders past multiple waterfalls, snowfields, and glacial valleys.

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