7 Tricks to Look Glamorous Every Time You Go Out

by malikmoavia
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How many of you wish to pull off that celebrity look every time you head out? Some of us always wonder how these stars manage to look effortlessly chic even when they come out of the gym. And I am still wondering. One thing that I observed was that whether you wear to get an unstitched lawn, stitched, or western attire, it all comes down to how you carry yourself. Many disagree. For those who do, this blog post is not for you.

Here are some tricks to look glamorous whenever you head out.

Improve Your Body and Skin

Do not think that I am body shaming. Because I am not. Improving your body does not imply that you need to have an hourglass figure. It means improving your eating habits so that your skin speaks for itself. Glowing skin is the result of you consuming healthy food and working out. Limit the amount of alcohol that you drink. Drink lots of water.

Taking care of your skin also involves rituals like washing your face with a suitable face wash, scrubbing, and moisturizing. Healthy skin indicates good health. Your skin should do the same. Apart from moisturizing and cleaning your skin, you should also cover your exposed skin with sunscreen every time you head out.

Remember that if your hair, skin, and nails look healthy, you will look radiant as well. You won’t have to rely on makeup and other products to do that for you.

Voluminous Hairstyle

Not everyone is blessed with thick and long Rapunzel-like hair. But this does not mean that you should head out just like that. For women who have thin hair, there is so much that you can do to make them look voluminous. Just a simple act of putting dry shampoo will make your hair look bouncy and voluminous.

However, if you are going through a medical condition where your hair is thinning, you should not ignore it. Consult a doctor to get it fixed.

Natural Makeup

A no-makeup look or natural makeup gives you a glowing and fresh look. You should always head out in natural makeup even if going for a grocery run. Keeping it to a minimum will make you look chic as opposed to wearing tons of makeup. The most basic natural makeup look requires you to do the following:

  • Put a dab of bb cream or concealer on your face
  • Apply foundation
  • Wear a neutral eyeshade
  • A little bit of blush on
  • Apply a neutral-colored lip color

And you are good to go. Avoid wearing mascara and eyeliner. Keep it simple and natural.

Simple is Better

I have seen people mistaking more for chic and less for boring when it comes to dressing up. It is high time that individuals realize that many times simpler is better. For example, wearing a basic solid-colored T-shirt with jeans could look ultra-stylish if you carry it the right way. You can wear some fashionable shades and carry a big bag with this look for that celebrity glam.

Some women choose to pull off a simple T-shirt and jeans look with a chunky accessory. That looks good as well. From a statement necklace to earrings or a clutch bag, you can choose anything to glam that simple lookup.

Accentuate Your Symmetry

Symmetry gets associated with attractiveness quite often. So, you should log into YouTube and watch tutorials on how you can make your face look symmetrical as well. Because many people do not have perfect symmetry between the two sides of their faces. From the eyes being of two different sizes to the mouth being a bit lopsided, everyone has her imperfections. It is natural and something that you shouldn’t be stressing about at all.

All you have to do is fix it with makeup. I would like to mention that learning the makeup technique would ask you to practice patience. Because it is not easy to make both your sides look the same. And do not forget that practice makes a woman perfect.

Be Confident

Nothing would make you look as glamorous as that confidence that you head out with would. Wear loads of confidence whenever you step out of your room. It will attract people to you. And they won’t care about what you are wearing or carrying. You should believe every word that I am saying right now. I speak from my experiences.

There was a time when I would search for nothing but makeup, accessories, and women’s dress near me. So that I could go and shop for them, believing that this is what will I need in my wardrobe to make me turn heads. Guess who was wrong all this time? Me. It was very late in life that I realized it is the confidence that I now carry with me everywhere I go that does the trick.

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