All You Need to Know About Wooden Fences

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Wooden Fences

Fences have always been relevant for protecting your site or houses. Especially wooden fences are effective for safety. But how to know which one is the right wooden fencing for you? Here you will learn all about it.

Types of wooden fences 

Wooden fences are of several types. The most common designs have a picket fence base. Wooden fences for private houses are of several types. The most common designs have a picket fence base. 

Wooden fences for a private house differ in location, size, and presence of elements. Regarding decorative qualities, the picket fence is no less interesting. The only drawback is the view of the inner side, on which the horizontal slats are nailed. 

Classic picket fence 

Standard fence for a country house with vertical slats, well suited for houses and cottages. The boards are framed with a transverse bar, with a rounded or cut corner. This is necessary to avoid the accumulation of moisture and increase the service life. It has a reliable design like bamboo fencing that copes with protective functions, transmits sunlight, and is comfortable in service.


It differs from the previous one in fastening, in this case, two strips are used from different sides, which alternate in a checkerboard pattern.

This method makes the fence more beautiful. Sometimes checkerboards are horizontal planks nailed to opposite sides of vertical supports. Such a fence is like wickerwork.

The fence has strength and decorative properties; therefore, it is used for cottages and country houses. At the stage of construction of the fence, horizontal strips are mounted on boards that are fixed vertically overlapping. The front side of the fence looks like a ladder. Depending on the purpose, there are deaf and ventilated.


It is also called “tyn”. To create such a wooden fence for a country house, you will need a horizontal or vertical braiding of the base with slats made of wood or rods. If necessary, you can combine different types of weaving so that the fence has more complex details. This will give originality. Installed as decorations because it does not have protective functions.

There is also such a type of fence as a “ranch”. It consists of several horizontal strips that are attached to the posts. It is used in farms for fencing subsidiary plots. Looks great with wood structures.


Planks are stuffed onto a horizontal frame using the crosswise method. They are used as a decoration for suburban areas, for example, for a veranda, or arbors. Or, to highlight a specific area in a garden or front garden. It retains sunlight well because of the openwork hedge.

Benefits of wood fencing 

The advantages of wooden fences are obvious: 

  • Environmentally friendly product. 
  • Aesthetic features regarding texture, and shades with which you can create a unique style. 
  • Compatibility with other materials. 
  • High degree of protection from unnecessary attention. 
  • Quick and easy installation. 
  • Repairing a fence is easy, and most importantly, not a-costly process. 
  • Optimal price-quality ratio.


There are many types of wooden fences. The choice depends on personal preference, but the overall landscape should also be considered.

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