Best Giftboxes To Give This Easter By The Hungry Monkey Baking 

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Best Giftboxes To Give This Easter By The Hungry Monkey Baking 

Looking for the perfect present for your family and friends this Easter? Well, we have the perfect and sweet option for you. Continue reading to learn more. 

Who said you have to create Easter basket ideas simply for children? We advise you to spend some time thinking about a few Easter gifts for the older group this year when you’re shopping. 

Here, we’re offering you our top suggestions for Easter presents. Easter candy and chocolate bunny snacks are fun, but we’ve outgrown them! It’s time to consider alternatives to traditional Easter gifts for children and choose one of these exquisite presents instead. You have the chance to treat your closest friends, family, relatives, hosts, and co-workers with presents that they’ll actually love. 

The hungry monkey has an exquisite collection of handmade sweets that you can gift to your loved ones this Easter. Who doesn’t love a pack full of sweet treats? From survival kits for students to chocolate-filled treats for your chocolate lover friends, they have covered it all. 

Hungry Monkey Gift Boxes! | thehungrymonkeybakingcompany

About Hungry Monkey Baking 

They specialize in creating handmade sweets that are natural, small-batch, and “crazy-good.”. Current products at Hungry Monkey include Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Plain Banana Bread, Cinnamon Apple Streusel Cake, Buttermilk Caramel Carrot Cake, Lemon Tea Cake with Lemon Buttermilk Glaze, Pumpkin Tea Bread (seasonal), Triple Chocolate Brownies & low-gluten Chocolate Chip Macaroons.

Aside from wholesale, they also provide home delivery through FreshPicks & talk shop. live and create custom packages for corporate events and special events. 

Giftboxes by The Hungry Money Baking 

  • The Mini Monkey

In Hungry Monkey’s Mini Monkey Box, you’ll discover the most popular, “crazy good” sweets! This adorable small box contains three of their Giant Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons, immensely famous Triple Chocolate Brownies, and best-selling Signature Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. The inside of the Giant Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons is loaded with extremely delicious coconut and small chocolate chips, while the outside is roasted. Isn’t that sound delicious? Grab this lip-smacking gift box from their website. 

And we know how you can make it more special! Send this as a gift with a personalized handwritten note. 

  • Students Survival kit

It’s challenging to resist a bag of treats when you return from a vacation or on the first day of school. Second, sweets are a sign of a promising start! Hungry Monkey, therefore, provides a pleasant surprise that will brighten your child’s day. It is the perfect gift box for young adults or college students.

This package contains one 13-ounce bag of chocolate chip banana bread and four bags of their incredibly popular triple chocolate brownies. After tasting their “crazy wonderful” Signature Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, you’ll understand what triggered the Hungry Monkey Craze!

While many students view their time in college as the finest of their lives, there can also be difficulties like homesickness and stress. This gift box can be a perfect and warm present this Easter. 

  • Celebration Box

As the name would suggest, this gift pack contains the whole Hungry Monkey product line. Included are their popular Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Original Banana Bread, Pumpkin Tea Cake, three triple chocolate brownies, a carrot cake with a buttermilk caramel drizzle, and a half-pound of Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons.

Choose this gift box for your loved ones on the special occasion of Easter. 

  • Chocolate lover’s gift box

Whenever it comes to chocolate, resisting is futile. A chocolate lover’s gift box makes the perfect present for someone who cannot resist chocolate. Hungry Monkey has included three bags of their popular Triple Chocolate Brownies and two of their Signature Chocolate Chip Banana Breads in this gift box.

If you’re giving this as a present, Hungry Monkey would be the best option. Check the “Is this a gift?” checkbox is selected before clicking the “Buy Now” button or providing your information on the checkout page. 


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