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There are so many imperfections in this trek which contributes more beauty than the perfections can do. On the way to Buran Ghati, you need to pass through several other places as well. From Janglik, an ancient village situated nearby the people who visit here, who are interested in adventures can start their trekking journey from here. You would not get any disappointment throughout this trekking journey.

 Campsite and trekking places

The trek will be continuing to the thick and deep forest as well into the Dayara meadows. You will be so astonished to see the Dayara meadows and thus you will be pausing your journey for some time to enjoy this visual treat and the beauty of this place. After enjoying the whole beauty of Dayara meadows, you will be resuming your trekking. 


Dunda, Barua is another campsite present in the villages nearby. This is a very hard trek, and you will need to get a pass for crossing the same. The best season for trekking here is none other than summer and autumn. The Dayara meadows are present on the way to the deep coniferous forest.

About Buran Ghati 

The Buran Ghati wall is yet another thing that you can visit. This trek has a height of 15000 feet. Now you got the reason for marking this trek under the highly adventurous category, right? After reaching Buran Ghati, you can enjoy the beauty. Then you need to slide down to the opposite side and this is truly a great experience that one should never forget in his or her lifetime. This particular wall is very popular among all tourists and other visitors. This area will be covered with snow as well. Trust me! This will be such a great adventure that every daredevil must undergo at least once in a lifetime. The Janglik and Barua villages are filled with ancient culture. The people are still preserving this existing culture. You will be able to see the different architectural forms in temples and other places as well. Litham is something that will truly mesmerize you. There are certain valleys present here that pour more beauty into this place. A visit to Chandranahan lake is yet another thing that one can do while paying a visit here. You can even trek there too. It is a kind of snow-lined valley that seems to be so narrow. You will be traveling along the river Pabbar as well. All these things are providing more and more visual beauty to your eyes. As I told you earlier you will be going through the coniferous forest. The Birch trees, maple trees, oak trees, etc are present there which seem to be the ornaments that add more beauty to this place.

best time to go 

The best time to reach here as I mentioned is during the summer season and autumn seasons. This particular place will be covered with ice during June. There are snowfields in a large area from Dhunda. Not only one slide is there, but there are also several slides present there. During June time, this snow will be starting to melt soon. The trail is having a certain color and this color will be fading or even changing into shades of green, white or yellow during May and June.

If you want to visit this place for enjoying its beauty at its peak, then you need to come here at the time when all the forests, grasslands, flowers, etc; everything takes rebirth or comes into life after the coming of winter. So, after the winter season, if you visit here, you will enjoy it. As we all know that the autumn season is having a very short span, so there would not be any snow or ice walls here during this time. But the fiery and glorious colors will make you feel so good. Here also the color of the trail changes into green, yellow, orange, and brown. In October there will be the occurrence of the first winter snow of that particular year.


If you are planning to visit here for trekking and sightseeing, then you need to spend at least 8 days completely. People who are aged 13 to 55 years can visit here for adventurous activities like trekking.  For visiting this trek, if you are a person above the age of 58 then you must provide a treadmill test report to the concerned authorities after 7 days of registration, for trekking here. Your stay will be arranged in tents and lodges. You need to take a valid ID proof with you as well. 


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