Corporate Secretarial Services in India: How to Hire the Right Company

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company secretarial services

Corporate secretarial services play a crucial role in helping businesses stay compliant with an array of rules and regulations set by different regulatory bodies. The growing complexities in the compliance space have made it harder than ever for businesses to stay compliant with the latest laws. Those operating internationally have added responsibilities as they have to keep up with the rules set out by different countries.

Tips to hire the right corporate secretarial service provider in India

Hiring corporate secretarial services can ease your worries to a great extent. It will allow you to focus your time on improving core business operations. Hiring corporate secretarial services in India can also help you drastically cut down on your cost. Here is a quick guide to help you hire the right company. 

  • Service offerings 

One of the most important considerations that you must take into account is the range of services being offered by the provider. Corporate secretarial services are quite broad and encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including administration, advisory, fiduciary, etc. Always know what type of services are needed for your business and then choose a service provider that can offer all the required services. Always hire firms that offer a wide range of services. This will help you in availing more services in future, if need be, without having to change your provider. 

  • Qualification 

Does your service provider have all the required licenses, qualifications, and certifications to get the job done? This is an important question that you must ask before hiring a corporate secretary for your firm. Unlike other trades, this requires specialization and certifications. You must ensure that the firms offering corporate secretarial services have employed professionals with the necessary qualifications. Checking about the qualification of the professionals who will handle your business is important. 

  • Reliability and punctuality 

Compliance related matters are highly time-sensitive, any delays can cause heavy financial or legal penalties. Therefore, it is important to hire reliable service providers who are also very punctual at their job. Monitoring filling due dates and other important deadlines is a crucial task managed by company secretaries. Failing to meet the due date can create new challenges for your organisation. 

  • Experience 

Another important factor to check for is the experience of your service provider. How long have they been in this industry? Are they well known in the industry? These are a few questions that you must ask before hiring your service provider. Always check for their historical experience and also find out if they have worked with other clients from your industry or not. Relevant experience matters and can smooth the process for you. Company secretary firms that have the required experience can help you easily navigate through the common obstacles and challenges.

  • Update on latest amendments

In today’s world, amendments in the law are commonplace and one simply can’t ignore these changes. Businesses have to comply with the latest regulations without any excuses. The top corporate secretarial services in India always keep up to date with the latest amendments and trends since they are providing services to a large number of reputed firms. However, you must check if your service provider is up to date with the latest amendments or not before finalising one.  

  • Budget and pricing

You must try to find a service provider that fits your budget and whose pricing is at par with your expectations given your requirements. Price is one of the most important considerations for all businesses. You should never hire a service provider that is way out of your budget. However, it is also not recommended to choose one solely because of the low cost. If they match your other criteria, then you should negotiate for the pricing based on your budget. You can also look for a package deal offered by many firms that have a bundle of services.

Final words

Hiring company secretarial service providers from India is cheaper as compared to other parts of the world. India has an abundance of skilled workforce that can deliver quality output for your business. The cost-effective nature of services makes it a lucrative prospect. You must check for the required qualifications and expertise before hiring a service provider.



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