Everything to Know About Bubble Wrap

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Bubble Wrap

There are different types of packaging materials used to pack different types of items. Each packaging material has its own significance and importance. They protect the items from different types of damages. One such packaging material is bubble wrap. It is one of the most important packaging products that helps in protecting the fragile and delicate items from damage. This plastic sheet is of great use and it must be there in your essential packaging products, if you are shifting to a new place or are shipping retail items.

These packaging supplies are easily available in your nearby packaging store. You can order them online as well. Globe Packaging is an eCommerce website in the UK, where you will get different types of packaging products, such as, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes, postal tubes, mailing bags and so on.

The Definition of Bubble Wrap

It is a plastic sheet consisting of air bubbles on one side of the sheet. People use it to wrap fragile and breakable items before putting them inside the box. The air bubbles act as protective cushions for these fragile items. It is either available as rolls, or as sheets, or as mailing envelopes.

Three Important Types of Bubble Wraps

The bubble wrap is available in different types. However, there are three most important bubble wraps that people use to pack different types of items:

  • Large Size Bubble Wraps: It is used for packing the fragile items of home and office. Mostly, this packaging material is used to wrap the furniture items.
  • Small Size Bubble Wraps: These bubble wraps are used to pack fragile and delicate items that are made up of glass and are small in size. For example, mirrored cabinets, glass mirrors, China dishes, glassware and so on.
  • Anti-Static Bubble Wraps: Anti-static bubble wraps are mainly used for electronic devices and gadgets so that they remain protected from static electric discharge. Laptops, monitors, microwaves, cell phones, televisions and so on require anti-static bubble wraps.

Apart from these, bubble wrap envelopes are also used for various purposes. For example, you need these envelopes to pack books, photo frames, CDs and so on.

How To Use Bubble Wraps for Packing Items

Use a flat and clean surface to wrap your items with bubble wraps. Because flat surface provides you with ample amount of space which will further help you in folding and wrapping the items easily. This will make your task easy. Always remember to keep the side consisting of air bubbles outward. If you do so, the air bubbles will efficiently protect the items from damage. Generously wrap the bubble wraps around the items so that they remain safe and protected. After properly wrapping the items with bubble wraps, keep them inside strong and sturdy cardboard boxes and seal them with strong packing tapes.

Benefits of Using Bubble Wraps

There are a lot of benefits of using bubble wraps. One common benefit is that it protects your fragile items from potential damage. But there is more to it. It is not the only benefit that you will get from a bubble wrap. This packaging material is sustainable and you can use it again and again. It is durable and you can use bubble wraps until they are completely damaged. This also further benefits the environment.

It is a lightweight packaging material. In fact, it is one of the lightest materials you will find in the market. The structure consists of layers of ultra-lightweight plastic and air. Hence, it helps you in saving your shipping and transportation charges. It is because of this, bubble wraps are cost-effective. This packaging material is one of the economical materials you will find in the market.

Bubble wrap is also known for its versatility and flexibility. It is strong and durable. Apart from that you can give this packaging material different shapes and sizes according to the shapes and sizes of the items to be wrapped. You just need to cut them out into different forms. These materials are malleable and hence they are the best for fragile items. It is also a good insulator.

Summing Up

These are some of the facts that you need to know about bubble wrap. There are other different types of packaging materials as well which you can use for different purposes. The only thing is that you need to know what are the materials required to pack a particular item.

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