How to estimate electrical work – basic steps to do it right

Electrical work estimation services

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Electrical work estimation services

Project Cost

It means setting a bid that is high enough to cover all of the project’s costs, including labor, material, equipment rentals, subcontractors, and indirect costs, also known as overhead, needed to run your business while still being low enough to beat out many other electrical contractors.

Choose the Right Work to Bid  

The first step in electrical work estimation services is to determine the best type of work to bid on. If you win the electrical construction project, you should avoid bidding on electrical projects where you have limited experience and are more likely to make mistakes during the estimating process and project execution.

When taking on any new type of work that can eat into your profit, our electrical estimators and other staff members field staff must go together.

Review the Drawings 

Examine our estimator work estimation services at a high level to get a sense of the overall scope of work. To understand the working heights and elevations that will affect labor costs, material pricing, and equipment requirements, review the architectural or electrical drawings.

Once you understand the general construction (think of it as a birds-eye view of the project), it’s time to review the Division 26 drawings, noting any technical details depicted and keeping an eye out for any discrepancies between the drawings and specifications, which you should write down.

Perform a Quantity Takeoff 

Constructem offers a variety of electrical takeoff and estimating services, from low voltage to instrumentation and control takeoffs, with the expertise, experience, and dedication required to provide you with the greatest accuracy, dependability, and attention to detail.

Our team of qualified electrical estimators assists our customers in developing the best estimating solution based on the project’s specific requirements, from basic materials and equipment takeoffs to design, budgeting, and value engineering.

Our Electrical Estimating Services for Residential Projects

The contractors became worried when they want to start working in commercial sectors to complete their estimation task on time at affordable budget. If you need the best and most efficient electrical estimate services you can connect us.

If your restaurant business needs an automation system in a huge commercial area you can approach our staff they have excellent expertise in electrical work estimation for projects of all sizes and types.

To accurately estimate the project’s cost, our knowledgeable full estimators use contemporary takeoff software and electrical components such as light fixtures, conduits, receptacles, gear, and panels.

Create your Estimate 

Our electrical work estimation services are having the quantities laid out you’ll need to determine the unit cost for each item. You need the best quality materials for labor cost measurement.

It is easy to estimate the cost of the materials. Additionally, can provide you with this information, but the labor cost necessitates that you are aware of how long it takes to install the material.

Double Check Takeoff Quantities & Estimate 

It’s always a good idea to get a second set of eyes from your estimating team to review your work prior to submitting your bid to make sure you have not missed anything.

This review should involve a counterpart taking off the project’s major systems and ensuring that nothing was missed during the original takeoff.

We suggest keeping a bid log (simple excel spreadsheet) that shows recent and successfully completed projects by type and size with the price per sift listed for reference.

While it is never a good idea to bid the project in this manner, you can check to see if there is a significant price difference by comparing a recently finished project to your current project. It’s important to investigate any significant deltas to determine their cause. Note: You can use this log to aid in calculating the budget’s preliminary numbers.

Submit Bid

It’s time to submit your bid after you’ve double-checked your work. Everyone now places their bids electronically, either by email or the bid site from which they received the bid.


People seeking for professionals to work in their homes or businesses frequently need electrical estimation services. In other words, they desire good quality while also wanting to take advantage of cheaper labor prices. Therefore, there are a lot of factors that individuals should think about before using these services. But if you want construction services you can consult us!

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