How To Remove And Prevent Rust Stains On Toilet Bowls

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How To Remove And Prevent Rust Stains On Toilet Bowls

One of the most unsightly things a homeowner may see is a toilet with rust spots all around the bowl. This blog provides insight into how you can prevent and remove rust stains.

Your toilet bowl, tub, and sinks develop reddish-brown rust streaks from iron in the water. As air reacts with the particles, they corrode, and over time they build up on surfaces where water drips. If your house is older, the iron may be coming from damaged pipes. The right procedure could reduce the amount of iron and deposits on the surfaces of your washbasins and toilets.

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Here are some tips for preventing rust stains on toilets, tubs, and sinks

  • Keep surfaces clean: Washing your bathroom once a week will keep surfaces clean and prevent the build-up of deposits like iron.
  • Maintain a dry bathroom: Remove any water-stained surfaces as quickly as you can to prevent the accumulation of iron residue.
  • Watch out for metals: Surfaces in the bathroom may become stained with rust from air fresheners with metal bases. Not on the ledges of the bath or sink, but in a cabinet or cupboard.
  • Install an iron filter or water softener: By removing iron and other minerals from the water, water filters and purification systems can solve the staining issue at its root. Some softener salts are even developed to fight rust.
  • Upgrade plumbing: Until the plumbing in older homes with iron pipes is upgraded, rust deposits may still form. When necessary, it’s critical to upgrade the pipes.

Ways to remove rust stains

Avoid using bleach to remove rust stains, despite any urge. Bleach will intensify the issue by chemically charging rust areas. Additionally, be careful when using clean procedures, tools, and chemicals to avoid scratching or ruining your toilet bowl, which would make future stain removal extremely impossible. Try one of these efficient rust removal techniques while wearing gloves and safety glasses.

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Open a window for ventilation and flush the toilet to drain the water from the bowl, which will make cleaning easier. The following advice can help you clean rust stains out of a toilet bowl:

  • Be sure to have a powerful scrubber on hand to remove any rust spots. Your toilet bowl’s porcelain shouldn’t be harmed by the scrubber. Usually, a non-abrasive brush is the ideal choice.
  • You might think about preparing your cleaning solution by mixing one part vinegar, three parts water, and one part baking soda. The created paste has sufficient strength to get rid of stubborn stains without harming your instruments or the toilet bowl.
  • Always use protective hand and eyewear. Goggles and gloves are necessary for keeping oneself clean and safe while washing, even if you’re merely using a cleaning solution prepared from everyday products.
  •  Shut off the water supply and remove the majority of the water from the toilet bowl. Extra water will make cleaning more difficult, and you don’t want any of the water in your bowl to spill back on you.
  •  The valve that controls your toilet’s water supply is typically located in the back of the bowl; if you can’t find it, shut off the water to your entire house.
  • Use a commercial cleaning product like borax if your DIY cleaning method fails. Most rust stains should be eliminated by this item.
  • Once you’re done, properly clean up your workspace. After cleaning, you shouldn’t leave any water or rust left to maintain the cleanliness and health of your bathroom.

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