How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery

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Jewellery is an important asset. It does not only make you look beautiful, but you can use it for your needs during any crisis. As it is valuable in nature, it demands a lot of maintenance. Jewellery that you use daily or on a regular basis demands more maintenance and care as compared to the jewellery that you use occasionally. As you all know that jewellery is found in different types and designs and consists of precious metals, such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver and so on and precious stones, such as diamonds and gemstones. Jewellery with different metals and stones demands different maintenance. For instance, taking care of diamond full eternity rings is different from that of gemstone eternity rings.

In this article, we shall be looking at some of the tips to take care of different types of jewellery. You can buy different types of precious jewellery from different jewellery shops that send authentic and original ornaments. AG & Sons, for instance, is a jewellery shop in the UK where you will get hallmarked jewellery, such as a blue sapphire necklace and so on which will give you an elegant look to your getup.

Let us now have a look at some of the ways we can follow to maintain your jewellery that is of different designs and styles.

Tips to keep your gold glittery

Gold is one of the most valuable jewellery and everyone owns at least a few of it. This jewellery is something that you find people from Asian countries prefer to wear the most. Either the jewellery is designed completely with gold or with an amalgamation of gold and other precious stones. It is a soft metal and hence it is prone to some potential damage, such as a dent or a scratch. This indicates that it requires special attention and care.

It is advisable to wear gold jewellery once you complete your skincare routine and makeup. When it is time to clean your gold jewellery, you can either take it to the expert or just clean it all by yourself with the ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. You just need to take some lukewarm water in a bowl and add some soft liquid detergent to it and then soak the gold jewellery for a few hours. After that rinse it with clean water and then use a soft cloth to dry it. This is just a simple step which won’t take much of your time. Another way to maintain the glitter of gold jewellery is to preserve it in a paper box and then cover it with a soft cloth.

Maintain the dazzle of your diamond

Just as it is important to maintain the glitter of your gold ornaments, it is important to maintain the shine of your diamond jewellery as well. Diamond is in fact loved by each and every woman around the globe. Many brides prefer to have diamond bridal ring sets in UK and all across the world.

However, this precious stone requires maintenance so that you can wear it, again and again, to look alluring. In order to keep the shine of the diamond intact, you need to give some time and effort to it. If you are using diamond jewellery daily, you need to clean it every week by rubbing it with a chamois cloth. Many people advise you to clean your diamond jewellery after every use. Apart from that, in order to maintain the shine of your diamond jewellery, it is better to take it to your jeweller or the expert every six months for a cleaning.

Tips to clean gemstone jewellery

There are certain ways in which you can opt to clean your gemstone jewellery. Basically, it is recommended to clean your gemstone jewellery by soaking it in a mixture of lukewarm water and soft and gentle detergent. However, you cannot do the same with all gemstone jewellery. Some gemstone jewellery such as jewellery with rubies and emeralds and so on go well with water and gentle detergent, but there are some which you cannot clean with that solution.

Therefore, it is better to take advice from the experts before cleaning it all by yourself. It is also better to take your jewellery to the expert for cleaning it to avoid unwanted circumstances. If you are looking for engagement rings with gemstones, you will get a lot of rings, such as ruby engagement rings, and emerald engagement rings in the UK which you can wear on your special day.

Summing up
These are some of the ways to maintain your precious jewellery. If you are finding it difficult to clean it by yourself, you can take it to the jeweller who is an expert in cleaning different types of jewellery, such as diamond rings, ruby necklaces, sapphire earrings in the UK and other such jewellery.

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