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Have you tried all types of methods from medicine to therapy for consistent headaches? Do you suffer from chronic migraine that just doesn’t go away? If yes, then it’s time to move on to a better option than the over-the-counter medicine and traditional hacks.

Let me introduce you to a fine new innovative product, Ice Beanie, which is sort of like a cold compress that may help you relieve your headaches and migraines.  How this amazing and magical product works, how well can it perform and how it came into being, are all discussed in this Ice Beanie reviews article. So, if you want to know more about this product then stay with us and read the details.

What is Ice Beanie? 

Ice Beanie is a type of ice pack and as the name suggests, is shaped and worn on the head like a beanie. This product has been proven to be extremely helpful dealing with severe headaches and migraines. These types of products are frequently used as cold compresses by people facing severe headaches which help the headaches somewhat bearable.

The Ice Beanie is kept in the freezer for some time and can provide 30-40 mins of cold compress for the head. This product encircles the head and provides soothing effects to calm the nerves and in turn deals with headaches.

Origin and Back Story of Ice Beanie 

Ice Beanie was created by an enthusiastic surfer named Nick Lamb, who was inclined to create such a product that can help him with his throbbing headaches that he faced after he was faced with a surfing accident.  Nick Lamb suffered from agonizing headaches after his surfing accident and when nothing helped him from medicine to oil therapies, he resolved to get some peace with cold compresses.

This ignited in him an idea to create a product that is easy to use, works as a cold compress and gives relief from headaches.  After the launch of Ice Beanie, the idea of cold compresses in the shape of beanies were a hit and many others followed the path. This product was amazing to be used for headaches, concussions, anxiety and also helped alleviate stress.

How Does Ice Beanie Work? 

Ice Beanie works as an ice pack for easily dealing with headaches and migraines. This innovative product is worn on the head as a beanie and can easily replace a traditional cold compress which can be used for headaches, concussions and to relieve stress.

Anyone can conveniently use Ice Beanie using the following methods:

  • Firstly, you need to put the Ice Beanie in the freezer for some time
  • This will make the components inside the beanie to freeze
  • After that wear it on your head like a beanie
  • The beanie will be effective for 30-40 mins after taking out of the freezer
  • Relax and get relief by wearing Ice Beanie 

Pros and Cons of Using Ice Beanie


  • The Ice Beanie comfortably fit everyone
  • The product is made from high-quality and soft fabric
  • The beanies are stretchable
  • It is completely reusable and can be used as many times as you want
  • Provides immediate relief from headaches
  • The sizes are adjustable for adults as well as children
  • The use of this beanie may reduce the usage of painkillers for headaches
  • It causes no side effects
  • The product is easily wearable and allows you to work or move freely
  • Beanie is highly convenient
  • The customer feedback and Ice Beanie Reviews are great


  • The Ice Beanie may get too cold for bald people

Does Ice Beanie Really Work? 

People who suffer from frequent and recurring headaches will want to have anything that makes them feel a little better. However, depending on a simple Ice Beanie for migraine relief sounds too good to be true. So, the first thought that is bound to come to our head is, “Does Ice Beanie really work?”

To keep the answer simple, yes it does. The mechanism of the ice beanie is quite simple. Cool gel packs inside the beanie provide instant pain relief by affecting the circulatory, metabolic and nervous systems. The beanie uses cryotherapy to relieve pain. Simply put, it uses a powerful combination of “compression cold therapy”.

While using the beanie, you don’t have to strain your muscles with ice packs on your head. Also, you don’t have to worry about compressions, pills and just about anything. Simply put on the Ice Beanie and relax.

Ice Beanie Reviews 

The Ice Beanie has a lot of happy customers and users who can vouch for the amazing work this beanie has to offer. This product is quite the favorite of the users and gets an average rating of four. On various online marketplaces like Amazon, Ice Beanie reviews are mostly through the roof because of its quick results and handy operation.

For the vast majority of people, ice beanies have worked like magic, helping with migraines, headaches, neck pain, and other related ailments.   One other reason for this product to be a hit was that the owner and designer of the Ice Beanie also appeared on the Shark Tank (reality Tv show) which adds to the believability in the product.

Tremendous Customer Feedback 

The Ice Beanie reviews on Amazon have been enough to say about the legitimacy and potential of the product. Many happy and satisfied customers share their experiences, some of which are stated below.

  • Hailey from the United States say, “I’ve only had this for a few weeks and I use it all the time! I love that it covers all my pain points when I have a headache, ESPECIALLY the top! I also like to use it for daily use at the end of a busy day to help my forehead muscles relax.
  • Another customer on Amazon says, “This product works amazing!!! I received my product quickly and immediately put it in the freezer. The next day I got a migraine. I used the Ice Beanie and it worked great! Migraine was gone so fast and I was able to get back to work within hours. I would recommend the Ice Beanie to everyone.”

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