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The Indian real estate market is one of the most appealing when compared to most other nations because of its current rapid growth. If you’re interested, Indian real estate is a fascinating subject. 

Along with world-renowned, unforgettable infrastructure and current market trends, the interest of all customers is maintained. 

The real estate market is being supported by rising demand for townhouses. Semi-urban residential areas, and space for corporate offices. For more information read our PMP Blog here.

These businesses construct everything from modest homes to luxury bungalows. Offices to urban spaces, hotels to hospitals as real estate infrastructure developers for the commercial, residential, and retail sectors.


  1. Godrej Group, which was established in 1897, has a long history that can be linked to the Swadeshi and Indian independence movements. The company maintains rapid growth rates while providing a wide range of products across a variety of industries. And it is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Godrej Properties was established in 1985. The developer, which operated as a subsidiary of Godrej Properties, was able to complete the project with skill and dedication to cutting-edge design and technology. Godrej has maintained its reputation as a builder in the real estate industry despite its 119-year history. To get some information, you can contact me here – 9911774030. 
  1. BPTP Group, based in Delhi, is now one of India’s largest real estate companies with more than ten years of experience. The company, which was founded in 2003, is in charge of developing residential, commercial, hotel, and retail projects all over India. In Mohali, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Delhi NCR, BPTP Group has grown. The development space for BPTP Group’s residential, commercial, and business projects totals 27.47 million square feet. For nearly a decade, the Unique Quality of BPTP Group has been providing cutting-edge services. They strive to offer products of the highest quality and have worked tirelessly to win overall clients’ hearts and minds. 
  1. The DLF Group is perhaps India’s largest real estate and infrastructure company, having been in business for more than 70 years. The residential, retail and commercial sectors are all represented in the real estate portfolio of the DLF Group. The innovative business strategy of the DLF Group combines rental income with property development. The group operates in 15 Indian states and 24 cities. The company currently has 41 million square feet under active development across multiple projects, in addition to 284 million square feet of planned projects. Since establishing the city’s first automated parking system and 22 well-known urban colonies in Delhi NCR, the company has consistently outperformed its rivals. Check out our the site.
  1. Unitech Group is now one of India’s largest real estate companies with more than 40 years of experience. Unitech Group has contributed to nearly 100 projects since its founding in 1972. The primary contributor to the nation’s prosperous living conditions is Unitech Group. Villas, planned complexes, presidential apartments, luxury condominiums, and ultra-luxury apartments are among the projects Unitech Group has worked on. Swimming pools, clubhouses, retail centers, round-the-clock security, and backup power are just a few of the luxurious amenities offered by this developer’s homes and apartments. Among the commercial projects are SEZs, business complexes, integrated residential developments, golf courses, theme parks, schools, shopping malls, and hotels. Unitech Group is currently in charge of 47 projects, all of which have been built. Contact on 9911774030 to more information.
  1. Indian diversified industrial and real estate company Jaypee Greens of Jaiprakash Associates Limited is a subsidiary of its parent company. It has built townships, residential developments, business and entertainment centers, and other structures since its inception in 2002. A comprehensive residential experience is provided by all of these. The majority of its real estate developments are golf-centric communities with high-end residences surrounded by extensive green space and stunning surroundings. It is also well-known for creating business parks, entertainment districts, and industrial zones. One of Jaypee Greens Greater Noida’s landmark projects covers 452 acres and provides residents with a golf-focused lifestyle.
  1. The Eldeco Group has been managing North Indian property developments since 1975. The company has established a reputation for prompt and high-quality delivery in several cities, including Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Noida, Greater Noida, and other parts of Delhi’s New Delhi Capital Region. Eldeco has completed more than 150 projects, including townships, skyscrapers, industrial parks, shopping malls, and office buildings, over the course of its more than 35 years in the construction and property development industry. In addition, it is working on 30 projects at various levels. It serves over 20 million square feet, with over 25,000 satisfied customers. Eldeco is currently working on other projects like Ludhiana, Jhansi, Neemrana, and Jalandhar, in addition to the locations that have already been mentioned.


The top six developers in India with the largest apartments are listed above. Some of the nation’s most important cities are home to the projects of these real estate developers. Check out the homes built by these builders if you want to buy a house in one of these cities.


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