Are Instagram Comments Worth the Hype?

by malikmoavia
instagram comments

Social media networking sites are brilliant in every way. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and others are renowned names in the social media world. But Instagram is one of a kind platform that millions of Americans use regularly even when they are on the go via cellular data plans like Spectrum mobile plans or other such affordable deals.

Did you know that Instagram comments can make your post popular? Since it’s the only photo-sharing platform, your photograph can get maximum reach with comments. But how is it done? That’s an algorithm you need to understand!

What Is Instagram Comment?

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms where users can share photos and videos. People can respond to one another’s photos, videos, and reels by leaving comments on the platform. This response is known as comments.

Remember that Instagram comments are viewable by anyone, unlike direct messages (DMs), which go directly to the recipient’s inbox and are only seen by them.

Simply tap the comment bubble icon. You can find it at the bottom left of a video or an image or at the bottom right of a reel to add your thoughts.

Instagram Feed Algorithm

Regardless of when content was initially posted, Instagram users will now first see the posts they care about. This change was announced in June 2016.

Since most Instagram users were already missing out the majority of the information in their feeds, this might make it more difficult for social media marketers to see their organic posts.

In 2018, shortly after Facebook prioritized posts from friends and family, Instagram did the same. The algorithm started giving less weight to brands and commercials.

However, brand posts that generate organic engagement can occasionally trick these systems. Among these elements that determine a post’s position in the Instagram feed is the number of likes and comments it receives. Consider these factors if you want your Instagram post to appear higher in users’ feeds:

  • Assess the number of comments and likes a post has.
  • How recently have you posted if the user has interacted with your content?
  • By encouraging your fans to like and comment on your organic Instagram posts, you can increase the possibility that your material will be shown to Instagram users who are not already following you.

Importance of Instagram Comments

On Instagram, comments are not mere replies to a photo. They are a crucial part of a brand’s perceived authenticity in the eyes of others. These comments affect how often other users can see your post. Here are some of the benefits of Instagram comments:

#1. Builds Community

Instagram comments are the only public means for your followers to interact with your content. Therefore, they have the potential to increase your overall engagement. The followers will notice the bulletin board, which will encourage them to post something, unlike a mailed letter.

#2. Acts as Ranking Signals

While the Instagram algorithm remains a mystery to some, the social networking platform’s algorithm decides which content appears at the top of a user’s newsfeed, which posts appear on the Explore tab, and in what sequence Stories, Reels, Live Videos, and Posts are displayed.

Several factors affect the number of people who view your posts. The most significant one is the number of comments they receive. Always remember, if your photo receives more comments, it will imply that more people are seeing your brand, which in turn means more people will follow you.

#3. An Exceptional CX Tool

Instagram comments work as a customer service tool as well. The comments that pose questions are invaluable; simply responding to such a comment will make your response visible to the commenter’s fellow users. Thus, you’ll avoid receiving several requests that essentially ask the same thing.

#4. Proves Your Credibility and Attract Followers

It could seem like a good idea to boost your brand’s credibility by buying Instagram followers, but in the end, that strategy won’t serve you well. And unlike humans, bots can’t engage with your content by leaving comments.

A user with 17,000 followers but just two or three comments on each post seems less genuine than one with 1,000 followers but 20 or more comments.

Simply said, you shouldn’t pay for endorsements. The quality of the comments you regularly receive from Instagram users is far more critical than the number of bot comments you receive.


Comments on your photo on Instagram dazzle the unique elements of a brand or business. It leads to bringing the inflow traffic of viewers on your page with momentous improvements and that what the Charter did by offering customized Spectrum TV Packages and Prices. The comments augment the crowd circle around your photo while organically increasing the number of followers. These comments on Instagram help boost your brand value on the internet with permanent results, benefiting you with shares and likes.

Never underestimate the power of the comments on Instagram, as they make your photos popular and lovable. But remember, engagement is the key! So, make shareable and conversable content to attract more followers.

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