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is siren head real

The internet is filled with creepy and horrifying videos which are enough to keep you awake at night, let alone the characters that make the creepy content so famous. One notorious creature that we know as the Siren Head, is often seen in videos and images among creepy contents.

If you have been living under a rock and do not already know what Siren Head is, then let me tell you it is a slender looking, tall and creepy monster figure that has two sirens in place of its head. This urban monster appeared for the first time in CreepyPasta, which intrigued many online users to recreate and give life to this character.

Siren head has always had a mysterious presence in online contents as many videos and images surfaced on the internet which represent this character as a real monster. However, Siren Head started off as a fictional character, but with the several images and videos sighting the eerie creature in surreal locations, many people wonder ‘Is Siren Head real?’

Let’s find the answer in detail and clear out any of your confusion regarding the reality of this CreepyPasta monster. Is Siren Head Real – Yes or No.

What is Siren Head? 

Siren Head is a character which is created by an internet user named Trevor Henderson or ‘SlimySwampGhost’ as he is known on his social connections. He created the image of an urban notorious monster that gives off the creepiest vibes. Siren Head has become an internet sensation after its first appearance in 2018 among the stories of CreepyPasta.  Back in the time, people used to enjoy reading short horror stories that were categorized as CreepyPasta and many creative minds did not waste much time to produce and create such vivid stories and characters that became alive on the internet.

Most of the stories on CreepyPasta included some gruesome version of existing monsters in legends and folklore, but with the introduction of Siren Head, for once people got something new and original. Though Siren Head bears a lot of resemblance to another creepy monster named Slenderman.  Similarly, like the Slenderman, Siren Head also has a tall, slender body and bony arms and instead of a head the monster is complete with two sirens.

The vision of this urban monster is quite terrifying and the loud noise that the monster resonates from the sirens, is enough to curdle the blood of the listeners.  However, with so many images and videos on the internet featuring this character has made many people wonder ‘Is Siren Head Real?’

Origin of Siren Head 

The sinister monster, Siren Head was created by Trever Henderson who first posted an image of the character with the short horrifying story about a couple who encountered Siren Head in a forest. This post was made on Tumblr on 19th August, 2018 under the thread of CreepyPasta.

Apart from Siren Head, Trevor has also created other eerie characters for his stories on the internet including ‘Cartoon Cat’, ‘Long Horse’, ‘The Man in the Red Room’ etc. But so far, Siren Head has been the creator’s largest character (both figuratively and literally). Literally in the sense that the monster is around 40 feet tall and huge, hard-to-miss character and figuratively as the Siren Head has become a sensation on the internet since its creation.

After its first appearance, this frightful monster has been created in various versions and has been featured in numerous stories, videos and images. The internet also took this character to create fan-art and fan-videos which were loved by the internet.  Later, the character of Siren Head was also seen in a short interactive video game which featured the character as the main antagonist.

Appearance of Siren Head in Online Contents 

Are you interested to know ‘Is Siren Head Real – Yes or no?’ Well, with the numerous appearances this gruesome character has made on the internet, it is quite normal to be afraid of this character and wonder about its originality.

You can encounter the character in several images, fan-art, stories and videos. But the full potential of the character is revealed in videos where sound effects don’t remain shy of showing the viewers what the character can do with its sirens.

The blasting, creepy and blood-curdling sound that Siren Head produces is quite horrifying and shows that this character is not to be taken lightly.

Is Siren Head Real? 

Is Siren Head Real? Are you looking for an answer to this question? Then, rest assured, the character of Siren Head is not real and just a figment of imagination of Trevor Henderson who created the character with images and stories.

Siren Head is a huge, looming monster that is around 40 feet in height and has bony structure. Apart from that the monster has some very disturbing features like the absence of head, eyes and mouth. The skin of the Siren Head is also created as a dry, mummified version of human which only increases the horrifying factor of the monster.

What Do People Think? Is Siren Head Real – Yes or No? 

What are your opinions about the originality and reality of Siren Head? What do you think, Is Siren Head Real yes or no?

Many people on the internet think of this character as a real one but let me assure you that this monstrous character is only fiction and is not related to reality in any way. However, the numerous depiction of this character in video games, images and creepy videos has made many of us to believe otherwise.


Is Siren Head Real? This question is mostly asked and wondered by many people who are intrigued by the appearance of this character. Siren Head is a fictional character that bears some sinister and scary features.

When you search on the internet about Siren Head, you may encounter some disturbing images and videos which are bound to leave a lasting effect on your mind. Beware and be cautious in watching this monster on internet contents if you get easily scared.

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