Matheran Jungle tenting- most lovely area

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Searching out a short and instigative weekend flight? Matheran has the solution to all your weekend plans! Matheran manner wooden on the pinnacle of the hills. The Matheran hill station is inside the Raigad sector of Maharashtra, located at the western ghats. It is a truly lovely and small hill station on the way to go to and enjoy nature in all its glory. You can also visit bali pass trek.


The hill station is roughly ninety km down from Mumbai and around a hundred and twenty km down from Pune. This location is an appropriate flight for any and each season. It gives you a soothing experience in Summers, a cozy live in layoffs, and the stylish scenic views in the stormy season. So every time you need to have a flight from your excited existence, you could visit this place and feature a a laugh camping revel in then. 

Camping in Matheran

Tenting in Matheran, yes, you read it right. The Matheran jungle is a famous vicinity for camping and has the most surreal guests for you. It has veritably sufficient foliage and fauna near the campground. You will get to enjoy nature and spend some time within the hands of nature. There’s verdure a long way and extensive, and tenting will make the ride worth your at the same time as and a alternate of pace and decor from all the usual weekend jaunts. 

The vicinity close to the campground is quiet and fashionable. Within the gloamings, you could witness the maximum lovely night with the calm and cold breath so as to make you feel comfy. You may sense the air then due to the fact it’s so pure and easy. In the morning, you may witness the golden and noble daylight. You may additionally witness the extraordinarily lovely Sahyadri mountains of western ghat.

This camping experience will be a memorable bone

 for you because of the enchanting splendor, refreshed feeling, comfy stay, stunning view, lush verdure, natural environment, and lots further.

 Locations to go to : 

Dodhani falls :

 if you’re looking for adventure in Matheran, additionally we’ve got one of the most thrilling situations for you. You can strive water rappelling at Dudhani falls. Indeed in case you’re a freshman, you will love the enjoy of descending from a pitch with water speeding around you. In the dodhani falls for cascade rappelling, the carriers use high- satisfactory ropes and could come up with all the important gadget.However, additionally you need to sincerely strive water rappelling because it’ll be a continuance experience for you, in case you go to Matheran. 

Chanderi grottoes :

 the other maximum popular journey exertion then travelling. Visiting inside the paths of the Chanderi mountains, that is at a height of 800 measures. The revel in that you will get via this hiking is natural interesting and audacious. You have to journey to the winding trails, and once you attain the top of the mountain, you may have this exceptional and surprising view that you won’t be able to overlook any time soon. 

Louisa factor : 

The most notorious point of view in Matheran is Louisa factor. But, additionally you need to visit Louisa’s point, if you need to visit this region to view the scenic beauty. This factor offers you a clear view of the megacity. It gives 3 one-of-a-kind perspectives from the pinnacle; One is the sky touching mountain which seems fantastically lovely, alternate is the panoramic view of the vale beneath the mountains, and incipiently, the magnific charlotte lake searching like a diamond choker. You ought to go right here to enjoy an unforgettable revel in.

Charlotte lake : 

Charlotte lake is one of the fundamental lodestones . For folks who searching for silence and herbal beauty around and an excellent region for camping and fun and video games. You can pay attention the sound of chittering catcalls. The fashionable time to go to Charlotte lake is for the duration of daytime or evening to capture the lovely scenic view. The origin of Charlotte lake is a levee, which overflows when it rains and paperwork a little cascade to shape a suitable lake inside the thunderstorm. 

  Consequences to carry 

Any photograph identity proof 

 relaxed shoes 

Water bottle( 2 liters all of us) 

Mosquito Repellent Cream 

Greater Set of clothes 



 Leak evidence Bag 

Obligatory Arsonist with greater batteries 

Extra robes or( Chaddar) 

Electoral 1 p.C. 

Medicines if wished 

Movable cellular Charger 

Bluetooth speakers is a need to-have for group 


Why need to you attempt tenting in Matheran and skip staying at a Matheran hostel? 


 Why have to you go to Matheran camping? It’s like going to a unique world, and you can open from the stresses of your normal life and enjoy the exceptional outdoor. 

 The campground has all of the amenities from live track, performance, smooth canopies, and toilets. Meals is remarkable; revel in unlimited regale and confined regale by way of the campfire. Meet like- inclined trippers and hook up with alpinists . Matheran tenting is an inclusive package deal it allows you shop in your Matheran hostel live, which can be treasured for massive corporations. 

 Much like camping may be a amusing and liberating enjoy, so can touring to new and instigative places. 

A way to attain 

 From Pune and Mumbai 

 Take a device/ teach till Karjat. From Karjat take a gadget/ teach till Neral. From Neral take a toy teach until Matheran (no longer walking during covid) or take a private car till Matheran begin factor from Neral. 

  Take a toy teach from Matheran front factor till Matheran market. Horse riding alternative is also available from Matheran front factor to market  place. (around Rs. Six hundred consistent with person)


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