Navigating Divorce With the Help of a Family Lawyer

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family lawyers in Adelaide

Separating couples go through emotional turmoil. Moreover, there are legal implications in the lives of both parties. While couples struggle to deal with the challenges of a divorce, the involvement of children complicates things further. In such cases, family lawyers in Adelaide help come out of the situation.

Many couples choose the services of a family lawyer for help. Legal assistance makes it easy to navigate through divorce proceedings and the division of assets. Family lawyers also help couples understand the details of parenting agreements, including custody of children. 

Let us look at how family lawyers help navigate through divorce settlements.

Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer? 

Upon searching for the best family lawyer, such as Jacquie in Adelaide, you find a broad range of benefits to navigate through a divorce. Contrary to common assumptions that few signatures can help you complete divorce proceedings, family lawyers can guide you in resolving different underlying challenges.

Here are some of the notable benefits of choosing family lawyers for a divorce:

  • Custody of Child

One of the foremost concerns in a divorce is the custody of children. According to Australian Law, the term ‘custody’ means parental responsibility. The term describes the individual who bears legal responsibility for a child and has the privilege of making decisions about their life. The person with custody of the children can decide where the child would receive education and make important medical decisions. 

  • Division of Assets

The next concern in a divorce is the division of assets, including property and finances. Couples can rely on professional family lawyers in Adelaide to identify suitable methods for dividing their assets in the event of a divorce. Family lawyers can help the divorcing couple reach a mutual agreement without needing consent orders. The parties can also reach a mutual agreement through consent orders in Family Law Court. Family lawyers could achieve agreement on the division of assets through application for financial orders.

  • Estimating the Share of Assets You Receive

People going through a divorce fret over their share of the divorce proceedings. Generally, a judicial officer reviews all evidence and testimonies to make a viable decision based on principles of justice and equity. 

Family lawyer firms such as Jacquie in Adelaide could help you determine the total value of the available assets alongside pending debts. Family lawyers could also precisely determine your share by accounting for direct and indirect financial contributions and future support requirements.

Are You Ready to Choose a Family Lawyer?

The daunting decision of a divorce can overwhelm many people, leaving little room for proper planning of divorce proceedings. The services of trusted family lawyers in Adelaide could support both parties in a divorce to reach amicable agreements. Make sure you choose a family law firm with qualified and experienced lawyers. At the same time, verify that the family lawyer can easily answer your doubts. Remember that experienced family lawyers could help avoid unnecessary complications and costs for divorce settlements.

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