Privacy Policy

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Guide Promotion always tries to share the latest trends and authentic information with the readers but the most important thing is that we care about our valued readers and respect their privacy. This page is for such users who are concerned about their privacy when visiting our site. You can feel free to ask anything regarding our policies by sending an email to [email protected]

Guide Promotion is currently dealing with a wide variety of niches including lifestyle, technology, digital marketing, celebrities, and many others so that our audience can keep up with the most recent updates and news regarding well-researched facts and genuine data without worrying about their privacy. Read this page for a better understanding of our policies.

Data gathered by Guide Promotion:

For all of our concerned readers, this is to inform you that we do not ask for any sensitive information or other private details. We only collect data that is required to improve your experience with us and it only includes your basic details. We do not use your information without your permission and we will notify you when your personal information is required.

Additional information is required only when you choose to contact us. The required information may include your full name, GPS location, residential address, phone number, company name, and relevant attachments. All this information is only gathered with the user’s permission and it is solely for the purpose of improving your experience with us.

Why does Guide Promotion gather User data?

In order to collect and use an individual’s personal information, we have set some terms and conditions to which you automatically agree when you visit us. Regardless, addressing the privacy concerns of our loyal users has always been our top priority that’s why we think that it is your right to know why we collect your data and how it is used so read the details below:

  • All the information collected by Guide Promotion is intended to benefit the user.
  • To provide our users with the appropriate goods and services according to their preferences.
  • The collected information helps us in determining which areas require additional improvements and upgrades.
  • To provide relevant advertisements to our users that may be of interest to them.
  • It helps us in monitoring and observe any fraudulent activity on our website.
  • We send important emails to our loyal readers so that they don’t miss our important deals.
  • To make our high-quality services as accessible as possible and to meet our users’ preferences and needs.

Does Guide Promotion use Cookies?

Yes, just like other platforms, Guide Promotion also uses cookies for the benefit of its readers. They are essential for recording an individual’s online activity that allows us to customize the website based on the user’s preferences.

However, it is up to you, if you are not comfortable then you can turn them off by going to your browser settings but it is obviously not a good idea as it restricts us from improving your experience with our website.

Details about Third-Party Applications:

Guide Promotion has collaborated with other companies to provide our audience with the best possible services. It is important to note that the privacy policy of Guide Promotion does not apply to such third parties. The goal of our collaboration with third parties is to gain a better understanding of your preferences so that we can only show you what you want to see.

It is your duty to read their privacy policies first before using any other website or when you get redirected to any other page because as soon as you leave our website, the policies get change and everyone has different terms and conditions.

Last Updated: 1st October 2022