5-Step Guide for Promoting your Event on Instagram

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Conducting a memorable event is no mean feat. It requires months of planning and resources. To ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste and your event pulls the crowds that you desire, you need to promote it on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the top most used social media sites in the world, and it offers many tools and opportunities that you can leverage to promote your event.

Here is a list of essential steps you should take to promote your event on Instagram:

Build hype for the event

Create buzz for your event by posting eye-catching teaser content before the event, such as:

  • Behind-the-scenes photos and clips of the venue being prepared for the event.
  • Ticket deals.
  • Stories with countdown timers leading up to the event.
  • Posts showcasing vendors or guest lineup for your event.

You can even ask an event headliner or speaker to do an Instagram story takeover for a day. They can provide a backstage look at the event’s preparation and their excitement for the event by sharing video clips throughout the day.

With PosterMyWall, you can create exciting stories for your Instagram account in no time. Browse through the Instagram story templates, select the ones that closely resonate with the theme of your event, and customize them to convey your messaging.

Create a compelling hashtag

Yes, hashtags are still very useful for promoting your event. Your hashtag should be unique and catchy. It can be as simple as using your event name and the year.

Include the hashtag on every post related to the event so people can click it and see related posts. Encourage attendees, sponsors, and partners/vendors to use this hashtag when posting about the event.

Conduct giveaways and contests

What can be a better way to capture your audience than offering them a chance to get discounts or win freebies? Hosting giveaways and contests on your Instagram before the event is great for promoting your event.

Ask your audience to follow your account and tag friends under your giveaway post (who should also follow your account) to enter your giveaway. This way you can reward your followers for being interested in your event, and also market your event to other people who might’ve not been aware of your event before.

Some things that you can offer to giveaway/contest winners include:

  • Free or discounted tickets/passes for your event.
  • Free products of vendors attending the event.
  • Gift cards for vendors of the event.

Then you can choose winners randomly and message them to tell them how to claim their prizes at your event.

Collaborate with influencers

Asking influencers to promote your event is one of the most effective ways to promote your event. Influencers have highly engaged and loyal followers who trust their recommendations. A lot of them have as much influence as celebrities, so if an influencer attends your event or urges their followers to attend it, you can reasonably expect to have a high attendance at your event.

Make sure that the influencers share important information related to the event, such as the date(s), timings, venue, guest lineup, activities, and vendors, with their audience. Additionally, provide them with the link to your Instagram handle and the landing page on your website/ticketing platforms where they can buy tickets.

Run ad campaigns

Paid ad campaigns on Instagram are highly effective for reaching out to newer audiences on Instagram who might have not been aware of your event before. We recommend that you create an ad campaign on Instagram at least 2 weeks before the event for your ad to have the desired impact.

Your Instagram page’s analytics can help you define your ad’s audience. Target ads toward people whose interests, demographic characteristics (age, gender, and location), and behaviors align with those of your page’s followers. These people will be very likely to be interested in your event.

Design visually appealing ad creatives with a clear call-to-action, such as “Get Tickets” or “RSVP Now”.

Keep a regular check on your ad’s performance (number of impressions, likes, profile follows, and shares). Based on this data, you can lengthen or shorten your ad campaign.


Promoting your ad on Instagram requires a mix of organic and paid marketing which, as described in this blog, are cost-effective and easy to execute. Implementing all of them is essential for attracting people to your event.

By following the tips we mentioned in this blog, you can successfully leverage the power of Instagram to promote your event.

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