Safety and health at work: Why are youth at risk?

Problems with young sick or injured workers

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Young job-seekers have it rough in today’s labour markets. Most people believe they have little choice but to take the first job opportunity they receive, regardless of whether or not the working circumstances are safe.

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By checking out the linked article, learn about young workers’ rights to a safe and healthy workplace.


Selecting young employees


Anyone here between 15 and 24 years old is mainly a “youth” by the United Nations. In today’s global economy, young people make up more than 15% of the workforce or 541 million people.

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Problems with young sick or injured workers –


In 2014, 374 million workers around the world experienced non-fatal workplace injuries. The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work reports that younger European workers are up to 40% more likely to be injured than their more seasoned counterparts. The CHCPRT001 Children & Young People At Risk will help to know more about it.



Preventing Dangers


In the wake of the pandemic’s outbreak, the usual national discussion of pointing fingers has given way to work together, the value of humanity, and the necessity of preserving lives. However, one can only maintain this level of enlightenment for so long. There is a distinct discourse going on behind the scenes of the public one. While “lockdown” has become a buzzword in this discussion, separating vulnerable children from their families for a long time creates the ideal conditions for a failure in child protection.

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As a first concern, youngsters become victims. While it is common to laugh about the “pressure cooker” that is family life, remaining at home together might raise the risk of abuse and neglect for some families. There is also the lack of any external monitoring. Suppose children and young people don’t have consistent access to professionals like teachers, family physicians, and health visitors, including social & youth workers. In that case, they may never have the chance to share their stories or be heard when they have safety concerns. Due to increased workloads and stress, some social workers have had to withdraw themselves.


Fear of infection


Fear of infection and the recommendation to stay at home has reduced visits to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms by 25 per cent across the country. This also leads to fewer in-person consultations. Finally, the 22% increase in March alcohol sales at supermarkets, likely for in-house drinking, highlights the dangers of the current regime to young people.

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Domestic violence


The fact that domestic violence reports & child support calls have grown in recent years confirms that these worries are well-founded. Despite their limitations, these indicators suggest that child safety activity will likely increase after the lockdown, indicating a task ready for support. Initially, support employees will have to catch up on unfinished safeguarding business and deal with increasing household dangers. Furthermore, this effort needs to be coordinated with an ambitious strategy to reverse the trends in childhood obesity, psychological health, and early & preventable deaths to spare a generation from permanent damage. Getting the best assignments help Australia to learn more about this topic.


For this to happen, there must be a sea change in how we, as a country, view and treat our young people. Also, it has to come from the top down. Those currently limited by the silence will only feel more empowered to create the strategies and make an investment that can change the direction of childhood wellness in the Australia if government voices frequently communicate their concerns & plans for child welfare with the same enthusiasm. In contrast, at the same time, they communicate their efforts, they can save adult lives.

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The effect of Assault


The current statements may be important to preserve the lives of adults. But they do not provide any information in words that children can comprehend and pay no attention to their needs. After many weeks of isolation in families, there are no preliminary discussions about their needs. Despite their infirmity or limits, it is not likely to do anything but causes bewilderment. Also, they lack confidence and heightened fear for the 1 million to 5 million vulnerable kids in Australia. The discussions between the prime ministers of Canada and The United States illustrate that it is possible to break the pattern of apathy.

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