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Smartphone’s Malware protection

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular in our daily life. If you have a smartphone, you can do many things through the phone. However, using smartphones has some risks, such as viruses or malware. This article will tell you how to protect your smartphone from viruses or malware:

Can your smartphone get a virus?

Yes, your smartphone can get a virus. The number of malware programs for mobile devices has risen sharply in recent years. The most common way for malware to infect your phone is through apps. It’s not just the free ones you download. Some malicious code can be hidden inside cracked versions of paid apps.

The best way to avoid a virus is to download apps from untrustworthy sources. Stick with the official app stores and be careful about any links that direct you to third-party sites.

Types of viruses

There are many different kinds of malware. The most common types of malware include:

  • Trojan – a virus that disguises itself as a legitimate application and, once downloaded, runs hidden in the background to perform malicious tasks and collect sensitive information from your device
  • Worms – computer programs that spread from one system to another, causing damage to the infected device or computers connected to it. It can get access to your digital media, SMS and MMS.
  • Spyware – software that collects information about you without your consent; for example, it can record your keystrokes or take screenshots when using your phone’s camera. It may also send this data back to its creator without telling you about it first.
  • Adware – software designed to display advertisements using an application on your phone.

Built-in antivirus software in your smartphone

If you have built-in antivirus software on your smartphone, it will scan your phone for viruses and remove them.

Here’s how to turn on the built-in antivirus software:

  • Go to Settings > Security and make sure “Scan device for security threats” is turned on.
  • If there’s an issue with the service, try restarting your phone or uninstalling/reinstalling any apps that might be causing problems.

Tips to protect your phone from virus

Here are a few tips to help you protect your phone from viruses and malware.

Use the google play store to download the app.

Google Play Store provides a safe environment for downloading apps. You should only download apps from trusted sources.

Some people prefer using the web browser on their mobile devices rather than the Google Play Store. While this can be an option, it is not advisable as many websites are filled with malicious code and adware, which can infect your device with malware or spyware without you even knowing about it.

Keep your phone updated.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your phone from malware is to keep it updated. This means updating apps, operating systems, antivirus software, and firmware.

Restrict unknown apps downloading through password

Another way to protect your phone from malware is by setting a password for downloading apps. This will prevent the installation of any unknown app on your device without your permission. T

o set up this feature, go to the settings menu and select “security” or “lock screen & fingerprint”, and then enable “unknown sources” or “installation from unknown sources.”

Stick to the authentic apps only

As a phone repair specialist, our suggestion is to keep your phone safe, stick to authentic apps only. Simple apps are the ones that developers approve. You can find them on Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. If you download apps from other sources, they could be malware and harm your device.

Use a two-step authentication code.

Two-step verification is a security feature that requires you to use two different pieces of information to access your account. It may be a password, code, or pattern you must enter in addition to your username and password. 

This extra layer of protection helps prevent hackers from accessing your account.

Install antivirus software to protect your phone.

Besides locking your phone screen and avoiding any suspicious links, you can also install antivirus software to protect your phone. Make sure that it is legitimate and regularly update the database.

Moreover, check if you are using the latest antivirus software on your phone.

Finally, ensure that you have a firewall enabled to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data on your device, such as passwords or PINs.

Watch out for fake apps.

  • Be aware of fake apps.
  • Be careful when downloading apps.
  • Check the app developer’s website to see if it looks legitimate and official or if there is any strange language in the app description.
  • Check the reviews of the app you want to download on Google Play Store or Apple.

Download the latest software updates

  • Download the latest software updates. This is important because it ensures your operating system has all of the security patches released since its last update.
  • Update your apps. If you use an app store, ensure you’re downloading only from reputable sources and using trusted applications. Update your antivirus software (or purchase new antivirus software).


Mobile malware is on the rise. Downloading apps from unknown sources can be risky—and even if you do manage to download an authentic app, there may be hidden code within it that could compromise your device’s security. Always read reviews before downloading anything from the App Store or Google Play store, and stick with trusted developers with a history of providing quality products. 

If your phone got the virus and you have tried all the fixes mentioned earlier. Then it’s time to consult an expert. You can visit your nearby store and if you are in Beddington BLVD NW, so we recommend you to visit Cell N Tech cell phone repair store to troubleshoot your problem. 

How to protect my phone from viruses?

If you want to keep your Android phone safe from malware, the first thing you should do is install an antivirus app. Many apps can be downloaded for free and will scan your phone for potential threats.

If your phone isn’t running on the latest version of Android, then it’s time to update it immediately. You can also restrict unknown apps from downloading through password protection.

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