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Smortbuy Reviews

Apart from stylish clothing, jewelry are the items that can enhance the attractiveness of a woman. There are many options of jewelry that you can wear and add some extra charm to your personality. Whether it be necklaces, rings or bracelets, all jewelry items make the appearance of a woman more attractable and feminine at the first glance.  If you are also willing to add some feminine factor to your personality, you can go through the great collection on display at Smortbuy. Smortbuy is an online jewelry store that has quite a great range of unique jewelry items that can say a thousand words for you.

Whether you want to buy something for yourself or want to present some unique jewelry item to a loved one, read this Smortbuy reviews article before making a decision of buying from this online store. This review article will tell you loads about this online store and will clear out the confusion proposed by many online customers ‘Is Smortbuy Legit?’. Stay with us to know more.

What is Smortbuy? 

Smortbuy is a newly established online platform that offers a shopping site for individuals where they can find the latest collections of jewelry. The website deals with unique and creative items that are suitable for any situation, be it a dinner party, a company meeting or a private dinner with a loved one.  Smortbuy offers a wide range of elegant earrings, rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and more.

All jewelry items on the website are made from original gemstones and metals. In addition, the website divides the entire collection of jewelry into several categories which may help the customer browse easily through the collection the type of jewelry they want to buy.  Hopefully, this description about the website expertly explains to the readers ‘What is Smortbuy?’ and what type of items you can get from the website.

Smortbuy Website Specification 

  • Website URL:
  • Company Address: 13829 U.S. 98 BYPASS, DADE CITY, FL 33525, United States
  • Contact Number: Not available
  • Domain Creation date: 10/06/2021
  • Products Offered on Website: Accessories for women including jewelry items
  • Newsletter: Available at sign up
  • Shipping Fee: The website offers free shipping on orders over $150 for deliveries in the United States
  • Delivery Time: The company takes around 7 to 25 business days to deliver the order
  • Return Policy: The return policy is applicable and can be claimed within 14 business days of delivery
  • Refund Policy: Not available
  • Exchange Policy: Not available
  • Payment Methods: Various payment methods are supported by the website including VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express
  • Social Media Presence: Not available

Types of Jewelry Offered by Smortbuy 

What is Smortbuy? Smortbuy is an amazing online platform that has some beautiful and unique accessories for women. The products on the website mostly include jewelry items and other fancy and stylish accessories. Some of the most popular and commonly bought jewelry items on Smortbuy are:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Tops
  • Charms
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Brooches
  • Chains
  • And much more

Pros and Cons of Buying Jewelry From Smortbuy 


  • The website offers a complete range of jewelry items and accessories for women
  • The jewelry on the website are unique and can be gifted at some special occasion
  • Discount offers are available for the customers
  • The items on the website are made with either pure metal or natural stones
  • The jewelries last for a long time
  • The website has trusted email server
  • The HTTPS of the website is protected


  • The is not any Smortbuy reviews shared on the platform
  • Smortbuy does not have social media handles and thus does not have reach to a larger audience
  • The website has been up for only a few months
  • The interface of the website is poorly designed, which raises a lot of suspicions about the legitimacy of the website and people are bound to ask ‘is Smortbuy legit?’

Discounts and Sales Offers At Smortbuy 

Smortbuy is a website that similarly like many other platforms, sells a variety of products at unreasonably low prices. However, most of the products on the website are not divided into specific categories for displaying each product.   Furthermore, you also cannot find these products by browsing or searching through the website. So, if you want to access these products at a discounted rate, you will have to click at the link appearing among the promotional posts.  The website offers unreasonable and unrealistic discount offers which are definitely a red flag about the legitimacy of the website.

Is Smortbuy Legit? 

After being attracted by the beautiful jewelry designs and hugely discounted rates, one can easily get lured into buying from Smortbuy. However, it is better first to know ‘is Smortbuy legit or not?’

In the light of the information we collected about the website, some things seem quite fishy and certainly creates suspicion for the website. The first thing that got our attention was the poorly designed website and the absence of any contact information.

Secondly, what screamed fraud to us was the unrealistic price and discounts on the website. According to their claims of providing the products in pure metal and natural stones, the prices cannot be anything close to what they are offering on the website.

Smortbuy Reviews 

While gathering information about the website Smortbuy, we came across several Smortbuy Reviews on various internet platforms and forums. Unfortunately, most of them were just claiming this website to be a complete fraud and providing them with defective, broken, or different products. While there were some Smortbuy reviews that also claimed of never receiving the delivery of the order they placed.


Smortbuy is just another scamming website that has surfaced on the internet. While they are busy luring and scamming innocent people for their money, it is high-time that we start to look for patterns in scamming websites and save ourselves from wasting our preciously earned money in the name of discounts and sales.

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