Things You Must Know About The Education Consultants

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There is one of the best things that you can do before going to study abroad. The best thing is to hire an education consultant. They are the ones who know about the industry inside out. Education consultants help you with your Visa application. There are some documents for going abroad. They also help you to know about other documents.

The education consultants make the entire process smoother for you. There are many education consultants in a particular region. You tend to go with the renowned education consultant. We are the one of the best Education Consultants. We are the ones that guide you about the study in abroad. Moreover, we have a professional and skilled team for it. They will let you know about the Study in Ireland. That’s why we will help you in getting the Ireland study visa. You can freely contact us for better decisions about your career.

Important Things About Education Consultants

You can make a better decision about your career. But you can do it if you hire a good education consultant. Now the question arises that how will you come to know whether an education consultant is a good one or not. So, certain things can help you to know about the education consultant. Let us know about these important things to make better decisions in our life.

Is Your Education Consultant Registered Or Not

It is the first and foremost thing that you must know about the education consultant. It is to check whether they are registered or not. Good education consultants have a registration certificate from the government. They have the authority of the government to conduct the Visa application. Moreover, they are also recognized by the government.  You have to confirm their registration for your process. So, you can confirm it through the certificates. In case, you are going to Study in Ireland, you must look for a registered education consultant. If you will get your application processed by a non registered education consultant then you are putting your Visa at risk. That’s why the risk is of getting a refusal. You can also face the loss of money.

What Is The Success Rate Of A Consultant’s Visa

The success rate of the Visa matters a lot. All you are paying is for getting approval for your student Visa. If you are going to study in Ireland then you have to get approval for a student visa for Ireland. When you are going to hire an education consultant then you must have to check one thing. It is to research the success rate of the Visa of this consultant. The success rate must be 90%. It is because no one has a percentage of 100. If they have ample successful Visa applications then you can go with them. On the other hand, if they are not going with a good rate then do not consult with them.

Moreover, must check their reviews on different social media platforms. These reviews will be very helpful for you. They help you to decide between hiring them. In addition, testimonials also prove to be of great help. 7 sky consultancy let you know about the visa requirements. For example, if you are going to study in Ireland then we will tell you about the Ireland study visa requirements.

Is Your Education Consultant Charging Reasonable?

There is another important thing that you need to know about the education consultant. It is to check whether he is charging reasonably or not. You can go through 5-6 education consultants. It will help to know what is the average expense of the education consultants in your area. By doing this, you can also get an idea of the different options you may have in this regard. You will get to know that your education consultant is not charging high to you.

If there is a variation of 10% then it is quite reasonable. It is because everywhere there is not the same rate. But if the variation is more than ten percent then it is not justifiable. So, make sure that you’re hiring an education consultant who is charging you a very reasonable price. That’s why try to find another one if they are charging you high.


In short, you have to hire an education consultant for studying abroad. These decisions are regarding your career. But you need to hire a good education consultant. A good education consultant is always registered by the government. The consultants always make your Visa application process easy for you. They usually do not get a refusal for your Visa application. They have a verification certificate of their registration. The success rate of a good education consultant is more than 90%. Their reviews on different social media platforms are really good. Your research skills are going to play an important role in hiring an education consultant. That’s why make sure that your education consultants are charging you at a very reasonable rate. After reading this article, you will be able to hire a good education consultant.

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