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The kitchen utensils in Pakistan are also the protagonists of successful dishes, delicious lunches and dream dishes. Let’s find out together which are the essential tools to always have at hand.

Whether you are a cook or an experienced cook or not, there are items that should never be missing in the kitchen. These items will help you both simplify your work and make it fast and safe.

The must-have tools of your kitchen can be found in infinite compositions of shapes, colors and materials. Over the years, kitchen tools have also been the target of the most skilled designers and architects, who have tried to develop modern and functional tools. So the items we are about to recommend are not only essential but can also be the apotheosis of beauty and style.

Prices also change from piece to piece and it will be up to you to decide which range of tools to adopt. Besides the classic tools, such as pots and cutlery, what are the tools that are necessarily needed in a kitchen?

Let’s go together to discover the 10 tools, plus 1, which just can’t be missing.


The wooden spoons taste like home. They cannot be missing in any kitchen because we use them continuously for every type of preparation. With these spoons we mix the dough and prepare the sauces. They are also very suitable to be used while we cook because they resist high temperatures and do not burn.


Any starred chef can confirm the importance of knives. These utensils, in fact, are the basis for the success of the dishes. Perfectly cutting a fish and filleting it well are already halfway to making a mouth-watering dish. There are various types of knives, from those for meat to those for bread. It is generally easier to buy one of the briefcases inside which there will be knives for all uses.

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Soapstone is a particular cooking plate. Built with a particular rock very resistant to high temperatures, it allows you to cook food in a healthy and genuine way, without adding excessive seasonings. You can also prepare both meat and fish, as well as vegetables. The only attention to be paid to these tools is on the washing method.


This is certainly among the smartest tools, because they allow you to prepare food, especially fried foods, with a lot of practicality. In fact, they will prevent you from catching and then piercing the food with a fork and allowing excess oil to enter the food. Furthermore, thanks to the pliers, it will be very easy and convenient to serve.


The wok pan is among the most special utensils because it helps you create imaginative dishes with a total flavor and allows you to cook food very quickly. This pan allows a very homogeneous cooking and will guarantee you tasty and tasty dishes, even if light.


The mortar was born in the dawn of time, it has always been used over the centuries, still today it represents an object that absolutely cannot be missing.

It will be very useful for preparing pesto but also for chopping up all the aromatic herbs from your vegetable garden. Even crushing garlic or hazelnuts will become super easy thanks to the mortar. You can find it both in marble and in wood, and besides being very useful and also beautiful to look at, it will be very spectacular in your kitchen.


The peeler is a tool whose name will deceive you because in reality you will use it for many other vegetables. From carrots to apples, it will be super convenient because it will help you remove the peel in a subtle way, without taking away even part of the product. There are potato peelers on the market with different heads, wider or narrower, to also slice vegetables and prepare different dishes.


Cooking is sometimes therapeutic as well as relaxing. What better way to test this therapy than by making pizzas and cookies?

With a rolling pin it will be very easy to roll out the dough and you can have fun creating a large book of personal recipes, experimenting with different types of rustic and focaccia. The classic rolling pin is made of wood, but around you can also find plastic ones, very easy to clean.


How can you think of not having a chopping board in the kitchen? Thanks to these tools you can slice, cut, compose your dishes without damaging the table or the kitchen top. The most common are in wood but it is possible to find them in every material, shape and color. Even folding to give you an advantage in pouring the cut foods into the bowl.


If you don’t want to cook but prefer to order a pizza, this is the tool that will be of great help.

In fact, with these scissors you can cut the pizza into slices and portion the chicken, without having major difficulties. The kitchen tool for the lazy.


The so-called sieve or colander is very important both for draining canned foods, but also for filtering tea or chamomile. One of the small tools that cannot be missing.

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