Whiteboard Animation Video: What Is It And How To Make An Appealing One?

by malikmoavia

Have you ever come across an animation video that looks like someone is telling a story by drawing it with a hand on a whiteboard? Doesn’t it look so realistic? This particular style of explainer video is widely known as Whiteboard Animation. 

The power this type of explainer video holds is immense. Along with the potential to educate and guide the audience about a topic. According to some research, it is highly effective to present an idea that actually sells. 

Curious about this style of video and how it is done? Continue reading to get into the nitty gritty details of whiteboard video animation

Whiteboard Animation: The Basics

One of the most common and easy to understand definition is: 

“Whiteboard video is a collection of pieces that mimics the idea of an artist’s drawing on a whiteboard or chalkboard right in front of the camera.”

Another popular name for such a type of video is Doodle Video. And personally, I think this name fits just perfectly with the idea. 

Basically, it’s a storytelling process using drawings. It gives the viewers an idea of an artist drawing while recording themselves on the camera. They act as great educational tools and have limitless possibilities. One can use it to tell a kid’s story. Or maybe even to describe a complex process. Either way, it entirely depends on the person on how they want to utilize this resource. This type of explainer video conveys the message in an engaging and entertaining way. 

Fun fact: At the very beginning, people really did use whiteboards and markers to create the video. With the latest digital animation tools today, designers imitate the exact same process. However, it gives a much cleaner and more efficient look. 

How Does Whiteboard Animation Work?

You must be wondering what are whiteboard videos, and how can you use them to your advantage in achieving your business objectives.

Whiteboard animations facilitate message comprehension, storage, and distribution. And, sure, that includes the messages in your marketing plan. Therefore, whiteboard video explainers are useful in all situations, whether they involve marketing, teaching, or any other type of explanation.

Reasons Why You Need To Make A Whiteboard Animation 

What else makes this video’s style so potent? They are said to have a strong teaching potential, which makes them ideal for explaining complicated concepts to your audience. Companies that need to explain high-tech products or services have found this video format to be helpful. It is useful if you have to cover a lot of material quickly.

The drawings in the doodle video format are deliberate and governed by the screenplay. However, you may swiftly absorb information and call attention to the explanation process thanks to their style, which is evocative of notes. The high rates of viewer interaction and the tendency to use this format for marketing objectives are most likely due to this.

The Creation Process

You should have some understanding of the drawing process before addressing businesses about their educational potential. Spend a few minutes reading about the benefits of video production below.

whiteboard video animation‘s screenplay, or its brand message, is always the first step in the process. Write everything down slowly and thoroughly. Try to make it brief and interesting at the same time. If you need assistance, welcome your thoughts and submit them to professional script writers who will arrange them into a lovely storyboard.

When producing something enormous, deep, intricate, or detailed, the whiteboard animation package will be the ideal option. To make your project stand out from the competition, the toolkit can let you generate as many scenes as necessary with the screenplay, character animations, icons, backgrounds, environments, and more.

You may quickly order intros and demos that you can use to amplify your films for products, services, startups, businesses, and more.

When your script is ready and all the steps, characters, and scenes are ready, you may begin the video production process.

The Major Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

The doodle video can effortlessly benefit your company in a variety of ways.

  • Animations on a whiteboard are absolutely hilarious! When done well by a professional designer, they make a strong impact on the audience and can be rather entertaining.
  • Whiteboard animations are adaptable. They are helpful anywhere, whether it is your social networking page or the homepage of your website.
  • Animations on a whiteboard are simple to recall. A customer can purchase from you effectively in this manner. It is simpler for them to watch your movie, and they will also remember your product.
  • Whiteboard animations are evenly dispersed. The nicest thing about these films and whiteboards, in particular, is that it’s possible to share and promote them on any social network to spread the word about you and other users.

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