WPL: The New Era of Indian Women’s Cricket Id

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Cricket Id

WFinal of the Cricket Id, played on July 23, 2017, between England and India. India fell short of their target score of 229 and ended up losing the match by just 9 runs. Then, a terrible tragedy occurred. The whole of India felt upset about the loss and came out in great support of the players. Moving forward in time to January 25, 2023, Viacom purchased the media rights for the Women’s Premier League (WPL) for the staggering amount of INR 951 Crores, which is equivalent to around INR 7.09 Crores each match. Indian women’s cricket has risen by leaps and bounds, as seen by the fact that it now has pay parity, matches are played in front of empty stands, and receives profits from men’s cricket. Most recently, the Women’s Premier League was established.

The Path to the WPL

2015 marked the year when Cricket Australia made history by being the first board to launch a separate franchise-based league for women. The league’s primary goal was to foster the development of female cricket players. Five years later, in 2010, ECB launched The Hundred alongside the women’s edition, following in the footsteps of their competitors. The Women’s Challenger Trophy was an event that was attempted by both the BCCI and other organizations. During the week of the IPL playoffs, there were only three teams that had players from different countries.

Given the global impact that the men’s version of the Indian Premier League had, cricket professionals and players from all over the world continued to press for the establishment of a Women’s IPL. While this was going on, the performances of the Indian women’s team improved. Notable accomplishments for the team include making it to the semi-finals of the 2018 ICC Twenty20 World Cup, finishing in second place in the 2020 ICC Twenty20 Cricket Id, and receiving a silver medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. These elements finally came together to become WPL as a result of their interactions.

Putting the Pieces Together

An unbelievable record was set by the Australian women’s team in 2022 when they only dropped one of their international matches throughout the entire year. That game was also dropped after going into extra time. It’s hard to overstate how dominant the Australian women’s squad is. In the shape of Ellyse Perry, they possess arguably the best all-rounder in the competition. In light of the fact that she is still competing at a high level, they have let loose a monster known as Tahlia McGrath, who improves with each game she plays. The previous squads led by Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting are commonly held up as comparisons to the current squad. You should have, by this point, figured out the context of the previous paragraph.

The correct response is WBBL. Yes, it was responsible for the birth of Tahila McGrath, who is now ranked first in T20 batting. This resulted in the formation of a formidable supporting cast for the primary team. Imagine a country with a population that is relatively low when compared to India being able to accomplish so much with their league; I am going to let you determine what the WPL is capable of accomplishing.

The Nightmare

Trust me when I say that if the WPL can duplicate even half of the Indian Premier League for the Indian team, then we are in for one heck of a ride. There are new jewels in the making that are just waiting for their chance to shine. We are already able to make out the first ICC trophy that will be awarded to the women’s squad. Imagine young cricket players being in the same locker room as legendary players such as Ellyse Perry, Nat Sciver, Alyssa Healy, and Sophie Ecclestone, to name just a few. This experience will prove to be extremely beneficial for Indian Cricket.

The Infinite Prospects Before You

This is only the beginning of things to come. In the following few years, there will be a great deal more added. Young girls no longer have to pass themselves off as guys in order to participate in boys-only cricket groups. Gone are the days when they had to do this in order to receive superior instruction. Time is changing. It’s possible that in the near future there will be girls-only cricket coaching clubs filled. With young women who want to play the game.

Within a short amount of time, the Indian women’s cricket team will have its very own versions of Perry, Ecclestone, and McGrath. There will be a significant number of people who support the athletes and the game. It is not out of the question that Indian women’s cricket players would. One day be held up as role models and awarded celebrity status, just like their male counterparts do. Being a fan of an Indian women’s Team at this moment is a thrilling experience.

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