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xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex review

Stick figure games are trending amazingly in 2022 on Android and iOS. There are many reasons behind it. Firstly, this type of game is loved by everyone, doesn’t take much space on your device, and lastly, can be created with less effort on graphics.

A stick figure game that is getting quite famous nowadays and is on the rise is the Xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex. This game follows the theme of a simulating escape game and is the fourth installment in the series. All the prior parts of the game came with different names but the gameplay, theme and graphics of the games are quite similar.

Let’s find out more details about this game in this Xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex review article and know why you and your friends should be playing this game without wasting any time.

What is Xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex? 

Xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex is a prison escape game which is made with the simple stickman graphics. The game is available to download for free through the Google Play Store and several third-party websites as well.

You can enjoy playing this prison escape game after installing it on your Android devices. This game has some easy yet strategic gameplay which is loved by everyone as it stimulates the thinking capabilities in gamers.

Xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex App Specification 

App Name xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex
Developed By Puff Balls United
Last Update On May 29th 2022
File Size 43.2 MB
Latest Version V 1.0.8
System Requirements Android 4.4 and Above
License Free
Downloads 1,000,000+
Available On Google Play Store, Third-Party Websites

xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex Theme, Gameplay and Prior Games in the Series 

The gameplay of the latest prison escape game xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex is quite easy but it can be hard for some to go through the levels and progress in the game as the levels can be tricky and difficult.

Xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex is an exciting stick figure escape game where you have to escape through a prison. In this game the prison is secured and guarded by strong baton soldiers. To survive and make an escape, you must act quickly and decisively.

The game is based in a prison complex in a remote region, where the snowy mountains meet the sea. The game starts with welcoming the gamers to The Wall, which is referred to as the “home” of some of the world’s toughest and smartest criminals.

Xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex is the fourth part in the series and the three prior parts of the game have been quite successful with the similar theme and graphics. The names of the first three parts of the game are:

  1. Escaping The Prison
  1. Stealing The Diamond
  1. Infiltrating The Airship

How to Download Xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex? 

To download the APK file of the app, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Search for the game by writing the name of the game in the search bar
  • Download the game and enjoy


  • Open your browser and search for the game on the Google Search Engine
  • Open the link with downloadable APK files of the game
  • Download the APK file and save it on your device
  • Now, you only have to install the app on your device to enjoy the game

How to Install Xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex? 

To install the app on your device, follow the instructions below:

  • Once you have downloaded the APK file on your device, it is time to install the app
  • Open the settings on your device and change the security setting by allowing to install apps from ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Open the APK file that you downloaded
  • Click on the Install button
  • The app will be installed shortly
  • Enjoy your game

Pros and Cons of Installing Xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex 


  • You can download the game from the Google Play Store as well as various other third-party websites
  • There are several versions of the app archives which you can download according to your needs
  • You can instantly install the app and enjoy playing it


  • Downloading apps and games from third-party sources are not usually checked by Google Play Store
  • Downloading the game from third-party sources can be harmful for your device
  • APK files may contain viruses that steal data from your device
  • The apps and games downloaded from third-party sources are not automatically updated when there is a new version as the app is not connected with the Google Play Store

Xxn00bslayerxx Fleeing the Complex Review 

According to several Xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex review, we came to a conclusion that the game is fun and challenging at the same time. While the graphics are simple, the game will keep you captured with its challenges and uniquely designed levels.

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