6 Tips to Get Great Photos with Your Seattle Wedding Photographer

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6 Tips to Get Great Photos with Your Seattle Wedding Photographer

For many couples, the wedding ceremony is so brief and emotional that they can don’t remember all the details. The wedding photos and video are the best reminders of how the ceremony looked. Hiring the best Seattle wedding photographers can make sure you get the best possible wedding photos that will help you keep memories of one of the biggest days of your life.

How Can You Get Great Photos With Your Seattle Photographer?

Learn How to Pose Naturally

Posing may sound challenging but knowing how to pose naturally for wedding photos can help you look great. Posing naturally means you do not have to work too hard to make a formal appearance. Many photographers like capturing those moments when you are naturally inclined to do something or move. Don’t worry about doing something awkward or looking uncomfortable. Your photographer will help you know when you look unnatural.

Be Careful With Your Arms

You will need to be careful with where you place your hands. Relax and avoid pressing your arms against the body. Brides who want to hold a bouquet should keep their arms elongated and relaxed. Arms can appear less flattering if a subject presses their elbow firmly against their side.

Bring Out Your Personality

Having your personality captured in a photo can help the day stay special long after the wedding. Candid images bring out personality by capturing beautiful, natural poses. These photos can be difficult to capture if you aren’t used to being in front of the camera.

To capture a great moment when you are naturally laughing, you can look at your partner straight in the eyes for 20 seconds. One of you will likely start laughing, and the other will follow. You can also whisper a joke into your partner’s ears.

Don’t Worry About the Camera

Enjoy the moment and trust that your photographer is working hard to capture every moment. Don’t divert your attention to the camera or start looking where your photographer is. Focus on your spouse-to-be instead.

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Wedding ceremonies are supposed to be full of joy. If you can laugh or smile, the photos will be able to display that happiness. Some couples are so nervous that they forget to smile during their wedding. To remain jovial and motivated, keep a funny joke or thought in your head that can remind you to smile or laugh. You can practice your vows to avoid the pressure of the ceremony.

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Look Up

Looking upward throughout the ceremony can help your photographer capture incredible images of your whole face. Watch out for moments when you and your partner can look at each other.

How Seattle Wedding Photographers Can Help

A wedding ceremony can be challenging for both the bride and the groom to get the perfect picture. Thinking or working too hard to get perfect photos can make you feel overwhelmed. Seattle wedding photographers can help you know the dos and don’ts so that you can produce the best wedding photos. They have the expertise and many years of experience in wedding photography to know what you should do to create great and candid photo.

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